Who can join?

Eligible participants are people who

  • Work or worked in engineering
  • Identify as a woman or a gender minority
  • Have, or have had, an @google.com email
  • Are not currently in the following roles at Alphabet:
    • People Ops, C-suite

Membership is manually approved by the moderators.

How is eligibility verified?

Once you’re invited, you’ll be asked to fill out some details to help us verify that you are who you say (and that you’re not being impersonated!)

We’ll reach out to you using those details to do a quick confirmation.

You’ll then be ready to participate fully.

How can I invite a Googler or ex-Googler to join gwe-anon?

Contact the moderators with the email address of the person you’d like to invite, and we’ll forward your invitation.

You may want to warn them about the membership requirements above.